destined to discover


We never grow weary of discovery.  We want to know even when we do not know why.

“All men by nature desire to know,” Aristotle wrote.   John O”Donohue puts it sweetly when he offers: ‘This is the secret magic and danger of having a mind.  Even though your body is always bound to one place, your mind is a relentless voyager.’*

There’s always another journey, another discovery, and I feel this need to keep moving, not because I am not satisfied but because I am:

‘Knowing calls you out of yourself.  Discovery delights the heart.’*

There is something transfiguring in discovery.  When I know I am also known.  We share with each other our discoveries and we know each other better.

Who are the people of discovery who lead you into more, and who are those you leading?

Happy Discovery-mas.

Whatever these days contain for you, may they be rich and meaningful … and fun.

2014 design small

(From John O”Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)


2 thoughts on “destined to discover

  1. Hi Geoffrey,
    Thanks for ‘leading me into more’ by your posts, artwork and friendschip! Happy discovery-mas to you too!!
    Greetings, Jeroen

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Jeroen. Here’s to a 2015 of discovery. The exciting thing is, there are so many things the year is going to include which we cannot see or even imagine at this moment, but our spirit of discovery will lead us towards them. If we do not journey, they will remain hidden.

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