24 good things

There are many voices speaking inside of our lives in an endless way.

There are the negative voices, critical of who we and what we are doing.  Otto Scharmer names these voices: judgement, cynicism, and fear.  Brené Brown names the voices: embarrassment, guilt, humiliation,and shame.

Who hasn’t heard one or all of these at some time?

There are also the positive voices, encouraging us on, telling us we are more than enough, urging us to begin because we can.

We can’t wait for everything to be good, or perfect, before me move, before we initiate.  A better way is to embrace one’s imperfections,* because these might be the very means by which the future comes to us, especially through our openness to the other: we can’t do this, but this person can; I feel disconnected from nature, but here is what the universe is teaching me; I cannot do this, but one day, in the not too distant future, I will be able to.

When muscle tears and mends, we don’t call it muscle failure, we talk about muscle-building, they become stronger.  When lives tear and mend, the same is true, they become stronger and more beautiful.

May your art become reality and live among us.

‘Iterate, iterate, iterate: create, adapt, and always be in dialogue with the universe.’**

(*The actual imperfections, not the wrongly perceived ones.)
(**Otto Scharmer in Theory U.)

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