13 more than enough

This is what everyone has

Every choice you make will hide or reveal your enoughness.  

You will never lose it.

Others cannot take this from you: Viktor Frankl discovered this in the Nazi death camps.

Eckhart Tolle helpfully adds more detail when he describes the difference between being over form.  We compare ourselves to others in our forms: bigger, faster, stronger, knowing, but, when it comes to being, we are equal –  we are all enough.*

(We also understand ourselves in relation to the rest of nature in this same way: as Humans we are more developed in form than anything else on the planet, but in our being – all being expressions of nature – we understand how we’re one with all species.)

Elizabeth Bowen astutely captures this when she remarks: “To turn from everything to one face is to find oneself face to face with everything.”**

13 more than enough 2

When Brené Brown shares how, ‘research tells us that we judge people in areas where we’re vulnerable to shame.’ she’s underlining what happens when we focus more on form than on being in life’s interactions.^  Then, we are never enough.  In reality, though, what we have done is overed up and hidden our enoughness.

When we move from form to being, we make it possible for the most important of all human actions to flourish: love.^^  Love moves us from form to being and keeps on growing:

‘Love always grows, not just deeper, but wider.  Love always loves people more, and always loves more people.  Love calls us to community; love calls us to humanity; love calls us to each other.’^*

Love says you are enough and everyone you look upon is enough.  Life is all about uncovering this rather than hiding it.

(*Eckhart Tolle uses the comparison of adults and children to illustrate this.  Adults may be “greater” humans when it comes to form – they are bigger, et cetera – but in being they are equal.)
(**Quoted in Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)
(From Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)
(^^Love is a verb before it’s a feeling.)
(^*From Erwin McMaanus’s Soul Cravings.)
(The cartoon is unfinished.)

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