personally speaking

14 we are created through

From per sonare – to sound through each other.*

In reality, we are inter-beings.  Each expresses the many: the larger whole.   We are made through each other, through our many interactions.

This is such a powerful experience, we can mistakenly see the person as an independent individual, reinforced by the roles we give ourselves and one another, or, as Eckhart Tolle has it: we are ‘corrupted and distorted by the mind-made “little me” and whatever role it happens to be playing.’**

Yet, as an inter-being, I am a person who is and who is not yet me – not the final me, not the future me.  With your help, though, I become more me.  And this will be enough.

(*Apparently, the understanding of the Human person devolved from how the early Christian Church understood the interrelatedness of the Trinity – each member communicating its face – sounding through – to the other.
(**From Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.)


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