what’s the question again?

1 his punishment

The one vulnerability asks of us:

Are you committed to this?

Why do we talk about 110% or 200% commitment?

Probably because we haven’t fully committed: not yet.

Vulnerability is freeing and frightening at the same time.

It’s the ability to be wounded, so it’s no wonder Brené Brown found people she talked to about vulnerability were using the word naked a lot.

‘What’s worth doing even if I fail?’*

For almost forty years I’ve had to engage in public speaking.  I don’t think I’ve ever – really never-ever – walked away from one of these occasions thinking “I nailed it.”  The next time I come back and try another way; just yesterday, I tried another way for the first time.

Why do I keep doing this?

I don’t think it’s because I love public speaking.  I think it’s because of the message I’m trying to share – the thing which is worth failing at.

Twayla Tharp shares how discovering there are two states to life was a clarifying and liberating moment for her – this through the Greek words zoe (general and big picture) and bios (specific and detailed).  Both are vital ways of seeing life, but Tharp had been worried about her work being too distant – this helped her to see how there was a close-up factor for her too – The thing worth doing even if she fails? – though she’d always prefer zoe to bios.

What is it you value so much you’re willing to fail at it in order to pursue it?

For me, it’s to help people identify the adjacent possibilities for their lives: what they could do right now if they were to pursue their dreams, and to support them towards realising this in their art.

‘Could our lives be journeys in which we stumble on things of indescribable beauty?  Are we to be alert even to the most ordinary moments of our live for the possibilities”**

(*From Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)
(**Alex McManus in a short video he put together for a little event I’d arranged.)
(Cartoon: The quote comes from Jeanette Wintertson’s retelling of the Atlas myth: Weight.)


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