2 show me - colour

Someone who doesn’t get in the way of their message or their product, but expresses it in their living and breathing.

I want to see what you’re telling me not only revealed in your words, but your passion and your risking.

2 show me

I want to see how you believe in this mission which is bigger than you.  I want to see this because the truth is I want to be involved in something which matters too.

To reveal – the revelation thing – might sound powerful: some beneficent offering of a favour from a mighty to a lesser being, but really it means one vulnerable Human turning up to another.

2 show me 2

Vulnerability, again.

I know this isn’t easy for you, but it’s more real for me now than it would have been without vulnerability.  I get how, in not hiding but being an example to me, your are putting yourself in a place of possible hurt, because this thing you do, really matters to you.

2 show me 3

‘To live is to be vulnerable.”*

(*Madeleine L’Engle, quoted in Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)


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