30 riskfullness

When we step outside of the roles and the everyday norm, we see and understand there is more to us than we think.

When we step into the worlds of others and allow them to step into ours, we’re opening ourselves to a future which wants to emerge.

To open our minds to see and understand more.

To open our hearts and be present to others.

These have required our vulnerability and riskfullness.

We have been brought to something new we must commit ourselves to; something Otto Scharmer has critically named the “essential emergence” – an opportunity to live  beyond WYSIATI.*

A year ago, I saw such an experience offer itself to someone.**   She was excited at first, but she later realised this would ask her to risk something (perhaps what others thought of her, perhaps what she thought about herself).  She withdrew from the possibility.   All I have left is the note in my journal capturing her initial excitement.

Only a risk-full life increases the possibility of more.

(*What You See Is All There Is.)
(**I journaled this as I thought it important for this person at the time: a serendipitous moment.)

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