believing before seeing

30 flaneurs and flaneuse

The world does not know what will happen if people live out their creative potential for the sake of others.

I wrote this sentence down six years ago.

It’s a wild journey I believe in more now than then.

What’s happened?

I’ve met hundreds of amazing people – perhaps they didn’t see this themselves.  I’ve read many dozens of books from which I have taken ideas – more than I can count – to play with and create things from. Some have flown, others have failed.

Every time I’ve learnt something.

It begins with seeing we are more than we think we are: ourselves and one another.  Maybe, because you are the age you are, with all your experiences, you’ve been beguiled into thinking this is you.  Full-stop.

‘You don’t know what it is.  You
have only covered up the
mystery with a label.’*

A sceptical empiricist understands this.**  We only know in part.  If we believe we know something completely when we have been able to label it we are making the error of believing WYSIATI.^  Whilst life requires the best decisions to be made with what we know at the time (there are conclusions and deadlines to be made), we can see and understand there is always more to discover which may lead to better conclusions and decisions.

Such a way of seeing and understanding can feel like or worse, but what keeping our mmd and heart open allows for is to believe before we see.

We do this more than we know.

Tom Asacker refers to some interesting baseball research which shows the speed of the pitched ball is  faster than the speed at which the batter sees.  It turns out the batter believes he can see the ball, and then he does … thwack:

“They’ve discovered that breakthrough
achievement is about belief.  
Conviction, then action.  Magic,
then logic.  Heart, then head.  
They know that seeing isn’t
believing.  Believing is seeing.’^^

We really don’t know what will happen if people live out their potential.  We just can’t see it right now.  We can believe it.

It’s how we move forward to realise what is invisible to us at the moment.

It all begins with believing in our own potential, then we will see it.⁺Whatever the label or set of labels you’re carrying, these are not you.

(*From Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.)
(**This is Nassim Taleb‘s term for someone who tries to keep their mind open to more possibilities, whilst understanding life will require they make decisions on what they know.)
(^WYSIATI – a way of skimming life, “downloading” what we already know.)
(^^From Tom Asacker’s The Business of Belief.)
(⁺I work with people of all ages and backgrounds and every time we identify amazing things in their lives to be creative and generous with – things which give them enjoyment.  The question always is, will they believe this?)
(Cartoon: my French pal Charlotte has clarified my purposeful companions whom I have named flâneurs are all male: flâneuse is the female.  Merci beaucoup, Charlotte.)


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