you’ve gotta love it

31 all for one

We are all lost, trying to be found.

When Eckhart Tolle suggests the memories we think define us ‘are ultimately no more than thoughts held together precariously by the fact that they are all invested with a sense of self,’ he reminds me of Bruce Hood‘s assertion: self is an illusion.

I take a pragmatic view.  Human consciousness requires ways and means for expression.: if this is what is required for me to be present to others, the world, and to my future Self, then it’s fine with me.

What Tolle’s exploring, when he makes this remark, is how we mistake a sense of self through identifying with objects and roles, which are not who we are, raising the egoistic monsters of pride, greed, and foolishness.*

When we’re forever trying to assert our sense of self, through positions and power and possessions, we have little sense of being who we are.

In these ways we are lost, trying to be found.

This might sound like extravagant and impractical philosophy in a real world of bills, shopping, and the latest apps for our smart phones, yet if we step back and look on what life so often is, what we see can be an odd, even disturbing view: “You mean this is the sum total of ten thousand years of Human journeying, and then I die?”

‘Wonder is noticing there is a
world beyond our patterns
of downloading.’**

What does wonder lead us to?  Where do we find ourselves through curiosity and inquiry?

We find treasures amongst the disposable.  When people are asked what provides them with a sense of happiness, it’s likely, loving relationships are close to the top of their lists.

When e open our minds to more than the daily download,^ we give ourselves the chance to open our hearts more, and then we can love more, and love helps us make the journey.

(*The phrase in italics is mine, not Tolle’s.)
(**From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(^Scharmer’s term for what we unquestioningly feed ourselves with each day.)

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