in search of the beautiful

27 imagine beauty

It is said, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

It is, in the eye of the Human.  Beauty is a word we’ve invented to describe something which captures our attention and pulls us out of the purely functional.

Beauty is very big, it is very high and wide and deep.

Some may want to reduce it to several lists, but beauty cannot be reduced.  All the time it is growing.

It breaks out of lists to be found in all kinds of places, creations, people, and moments.  Where, how, and who will always surprise us.

The universe is a beautiful place; it is also a hostile place.

Whilst made of the same stuff as the universe, Humans choose to add to and improve, unknowingly and knowingly through the choices we make.  Frank Schaeffer offers: ‘We are part of nature yet we have decided to be nicer than nature. … We live by ethics not found in nature and we enrich our lives with art.’

The universe is unmoved by these thoughts and yet it has provided the creatures who posit them: unconscious itself, it’s the home for growing consciousness.

Like a cussing and loving parent, the universe acts as if it doesn’t care but we then we come upon it shaping beauty which takes our breath away.

We cannot deny we need to watch the basics – food, shelter, sex – to survive as a species, but we keep finding ourselves looking upon the beautiful, perhaps first in our imagining and then in our making.

Eckhart Tolle wonders whether we’re coming to a time of greater Human awakening, the arrival of a greater consciousness.  Some wonder if we have only just arrived at great Human flowering.

The industrial age made us collectors of dots – where we are now in time and space makes it possible for us to become joiners of dots: in all kinds of ways, in all sorts of patterns, creators of all manner of beautiful things; not only art and music and such, but relationships and communities and societies and businesses.

There is  much beauty in our world and universe, there is much beauty within every person, and when we imagine what might be, we are beginning to create more beauty.


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