blessed are the weird

28 go on

And we’re all weird.*

There is no such thing as normal: people are looking more and more different to each other, following all kinds of divergent paths, converging in exciting new ways.

If you want to be normal, well, that’s just weird.

There’s never been abetter time to explore your weirdness, and the world needs what you have to contribute.

The industrial education and work systems have taught underperformance.  There’s some research which followed some teachers who’d been led to believe their students to be more intelligent than they were … and the students performed better!

‘If your actions inspire others to dream
more, learn more, do more and become
more, you are a leader.’**

What if you’ve been learning underperformance?

I ask the people I journey with lots of questions.  Listening carefully to what they share back with me, I see all manner of possibilities for their lives.

Listening is very important:

Talking can show how smart you are.  
Talking can convince others of your views.
Talking can help you clarify your own
thinking.  But talking only rarely gives you
something new.  Listening, on the other
hand, can give you new ideas – if you
try to receive them.’^


It is important to listen to others.

It is also important to listen to our lives, to their weirdness – their interests, passions, values, and skills, and to what all of these are saying to us today.

28 go on ... coloured

And then to dream and to do something weird.
(*One of my favourite short reads is Seth Godin’s We Are All Weird.)
(**From Tom Asacker’s The Business of Belief.)
(^From Edward de Bono’s How to Have a Beautiful Mind.)
(Cartoon: I’ll colour this in later, but I thought you might like to have a play at colouring it in your weird way.  My friend Lou Davis introduced me to colouring for adults earlier today.  Lou has a downloadable colouring book ready.

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