once upon a time

26 oh no ...

Four powerful words in the hands of the storyteller.

Some tell stories to hide things.

Others tell stories to reveal more.

Industries and schools and nations have all understood the importance of story; also, the rich and powerful and intelligent.  Their stories are often functional: work to feed and house and clothe yourself.

Poets and artists and entrepreneurs and adventurers and explorers  and inventors tell stories of how we are moving beyond function -only into a world of imagining and making as an expression of our creativity and generosity.

In the hands of an awakening-creative, Once Upon a Time rocks the status quo: a character, a situation, a challenge, leading to a deeper understanding of others, the world, and the future Self.

A friend has just passed me Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, and  he immediately caught my attention when he  suggests Human consciousness developed as our species moved beyond the functional.  He picks upon three symbols of the ethereal which capture our attention, symbols of enlightenment: a flower, a bird, a crystal:

‘The first recognition of beauty was one
of the most signifiant events in the evolution
of human consciousness. The feeling of joy
and love are intrinsically connected to that


Tolle goes on to describe things as they are often found – a case of WYSIATI:* our education and our work teaching us well to value only the functional and be sceptical or cynical about the reflective:

‘Until this happens, however, most
humans see only the outer forms,
unaware of the inner essence, just as
they are unaware of their own essence
and identity, only with their own
physical and psychological form.’

For me, this is saying is: Don’t let your story be told by others; you must tell (live) your story.  Not in a reactive or even a responsive way, but in an initiating way.

‘If willpower can be taught, why don’t
we teach it?  Simple: because industrialists
don’t need employees with willpower,
and marketers loathe consumers who
have it.’**

(*I’ll be layering Tolle’s ideas with Otto Scharmer and Theory U as I continue to read.)
(**From Seth Godin’s Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?)

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