not good enough

25 he was the last

Who said so?

Who closed a door to you or hid a path from you?

There are people who’ve placed themselves between us and the realisation of our dreams when we didn’t need anyone to sanction our journey, only to help.

Many have gilded the doorways to suit them; they have designed the paths according to their tastes.

For centuries, these experts and teachers and gurus have told us we’re not good enough.

It’s even okay to be told we’re not good at this, if we are helped to see we’re really good at that, but this often doesn’t happen.  No help.  Not a word.

Things are changing.

We live at the dawn of a time when those who install themselves in front of our door or our path will be seen for what they are: frauds and usurpers.

‘Think of the art we haven’t seen, the jobs
that haven’t been created, and the productivity
that hasn’t been imagined because generations
have been persuaded not to dream big.’*

The most tragic thing of all is when we believe the self-selecteded guardians and we tell ourselves we’re not good enough.

We must suspend the old ways of seeing things, and be present to the reality of who we are and the world around us, so we might realise the future we dream of.

(*From Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams, as found in Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?)

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