7 in a universe of so many possibilities, bless

What would it take for you to be liberated to bless, to be a blessing?

You may already be there?  How do you do it?

There are three forces to recognise when it comes to shaping the future: trends, events, and choice and creativity.

Trends make it possible for us to predict what the future may be; for Nassim Taleb, this is the world of Mediocristan, where things can be disruptive but tend not to be chaotic.

Events can be, though, and they are certainly disruptive; for Taleb, this is can be the world of Extremistan (2008 financial crash, 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster).  Events can also be Mediocristan-type, as with medical breakthroughs, though genetics and technology promise to be more impacting.**

Personal choice and creativity opens up possibilities for innovative randomness to be introduced into situations and circumstances which present themselves as chaotic – Taleb sees this as being the kind of hope we seek: ‘when some systems are stuck in a dangerous impasse, randomness and only randomness can unlock them and set them free.  You can see here that absence of randomness equals guaranteed death.’

When we become people who introduce this kind of randomness, we find ourselves leading.

Are we, then, liberated to bless?

Otto Scharmer points out how leaders are often blind to what the sources for leading in in their lives.  Leadership does not have to come from a place of perfection and completeness, but does need to come from a place of integrity and wholeness, fed by humility and gratitude.**

We need to listen to who our lives say we each are – something we cannot be without connection to others, to our world, and to our deep values.  These others are like Albert Espinosa‘s “yellows,” our “company of knowing,” the people call us to more, to be blessed and to bless with the creativity only each of us can bring.

(*Whatever people might now say about seeing the 2008 property and financial implosion coming, in reality, no-one did.  The Fukushima nuclear plant was built to withstand the largest tsunami know, but not the one bigger than this.  See here for a helpful summary of Mediocristan and Extremistan)
(**Alex McManus imagines fire-makers who are people of trust, character, humility, and virtue.)

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