don’t give up, keep going

6 where the future is found

Simple encouragement to realise the dream, pursue the hunch, deal with the itch in your mind which will not go away.

There’s a lot of resistance around and it’s hard to keep going at times.  There may be no-one else who gets what you’re trying to change, to begin, to make, to explore, to be, but I just want you to know, I get it.

Someone has encouraged me today.  I don’t often cry but I did today because my friend had seen me, seen what I hope for, and encouraged me to keep going.

I pass this on to you.  Make sure you pass it on to someone else.

The resistance may not be “no” but “not yet.”  If you wait it will be too late.  I almost did.

‘I have known hundreds of women and men
who dedicate themselves … to concretely igniting
dreams within others.  They are often alone at
first.  They act as they do because the see themselves
engaged in an epic battle. … We are led astray by
the assumption that our moment is like every other
moment. … But Makers of Fire recognise that today
will indeed be just like yesterday, if we do
nothing differently.’*

(Alex McManus in Makers of Fire.)

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