more work necessary

27 work in progress

Anyone who knows me knows this is true of me.

My personal daily exploration into becoming more Human is part of the great Human quest.  We do not know what we can be but somehow we know it is more than this.

Alex McManus caught my eye with his comment, ‘This nascent ability – or, at least, desire – to entertain multiple perspectives is a breakthrough in human development.  It has been millennia in coming and still has ways to go.’

Oftentimes,* one person is not completely right and another completely wrong.  This offers the possibility of you and me both being right towards some greater whole.**

Albert Espinosa finds himself quoting Saint Augustine – another example of more work necessary: “Know yourself, accept yourself, overcome yourself.”  You can only be you, and you must accept who you are, but you are more than this and must overcome the resistance you find in yourself to change.

We need each other to help us do this.  It’s not by accident that Otto Scharmer sees the emerging Human future coming through the opening of our hearts to one another.  It could be, the only way to know ourselves – our future selves – is to be open to one another.  When I really see another, I also see myself.

(*There are obvious exceptions.)
(**Steven Covey would see this as being the win/win scenario being sought; James Carse would understand this to express something of the infinite game, wherein the goal is to include as many as possible and keep the game going for as long as possible, and, when the rules prevent this, change the rules.)

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