prime directives

sometimes it can be hard ...

Any Trekkie knows the Prime Directive prohibits all members of the United Federation of Planets interfering with the internal development of an alien civilisation.

There’s a ton of stuff we can do before we get in the way of another’s development, stuff that may well be just the kind of stuff others need in order to flourish – recognising how everyone’s flourishing is different.

This is about each one of us having a prime directive, a purpose in our lives which we must identify and pursue, because we understand this is the only opportunity we have to live it.  As Hugh MacLeod puts it, in his inimitable way: ‘This is it.  Fight like hell.’

No-one understands better than you what you must do.  When we align our lives with the universe in which we find ourselves we will know it.

Whilst others may see from the outside what your life appears to be about, they can’t feel that important something the way you do – in the way that drives your heartbeat up, sending a charge of joy through you.

Prime directives are what take us out of the cyclical, out of WYSIATI, out of fateful sense of “this is all I am” into future possibilities – which are really present opportunities.*

What’s your prime directive?

There’s a mighty lot of space to explore what you believe you must do.  A whole universe of it, if we understand ourselves to be children of the stars.

Okay, I couldn’t resist it: your prime directive will be quite unique, to be lived with passion, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

You have this one life to make it so.

(*Futurists imagine the future in order to understand the present.)

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