heretics and faith and religion

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Heretics and faith and religion are what life comprises of – read the sixth sentence, below.

A heretic sees what must be.

A heretic lives for their faith.

Religion, at it’s best, supports people with faith and, at its worst, when promoted above faith, destroys faith.

Heretics, then, challenge religion when it’s lost its way.

The Sixth Sentence: Seth Godin writes about heretics, faith, and religion in his book Tribes – his way of understanding how Human life organises itself.

So, religion isn’t only what happens at a church or mosque or gurdwara.  It can be a football club, a craft group, or your place of work, a games collective.

And faith is what you deeply believe in and live your life for – what you would do even if you weren’t getting paid for it.

Heretics look at the world and say, “We can do better than this,” and begin to shape the future with foresight, intention, and love.*

Faith is so basic to each of us thriving: ‘Our search for meaning is like our need for air.’**

The universe is all about energy in motion.  It makes sense to set people free to do the amazing stuff they do, rather than require them to fit in and worship the system.^

(*Seth Godin admits heretic might not be the best word but it’s the best he had to describe what he was seeing.  Certainly, heretics, as I use the word here, long for every person to thrive in body, mind, heart, and spirit.)
(**From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(^Chris Anderson makes the point in Makers: ‘To make things a new way, you need to make companies a new way too.’  You can’t make new things out of old ways.)



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