two resistances

Spud was caught in two minds

As a Human, you’re meant for great journeys and challenges and adventures, beyond borders and boundaries, into greater connections with our world and universe, with others, and with your future Self.

It’s in your nature.

We know Mohandas Gandhi’s eponymous saying, “Be the change you want to see.”  He could say this because you are the change you want to see; this is what you’re made for.

The bad news?  There are two major resistances to overcome.  (The following is a little of the background stuff to what we face in life every day.)

You and me, we’re lazy.  It’s  just that we don’t know it.

A lot of the time we allow our information-gathering and storing mind and thinking to guide us – let’s call this our first-brain thinking.  Once upon a time it made sure we escaped from trouble and chose the right mate, and followed the food.  But we have a second brain – the one that uses all the information and takes considered decisions and calculations.  You’d think this Human attribute would make sure we make great decisions, and accomplish brilliant work.  What’s been found, though, is this second brain is lazy, prone to take shortcuts.  It wants to make judgements quickly.  It wants to avoid failure – putting more effort into reaching par, than going beyond it.  The good news is, it can be trained to be open, ask questions and deal with uncertainty for longer so we can make better decisions and go further.

The second resistance comes in the form of Human vulnerability to being controlled by externalities and made to feel ineffective.

If you don’t recognise your skills and passions, you’re vulnerable to the “tyranny of others” – what others think you should do and push you towards.  To know our skills and our passions – making it possible to connect with our future Self (therefore, to be the change we can be), provides us with the power to resist this control and tyranny, and even more.  When systems and people try to squeeze us to their way, we refuse to succumb, we maintain our integrity, and even more – using these experiences to grow, to be the force of nature we’re meant to be, each person around those things which fascinate and absorb us for a lifetime.

Follow your passions.

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