where sameness comes from

excuse me 2

When you remain quiet, perhaps unsure of who you are or how to make your contribution, sameness wins.

The same voices, the same ideas, the same votes, the same outcomes.

You know there is a cost to offering your opinion, your idea, your art, and the fear* keeps you quiet, hidden, compliant.

The antidote to sameness is found deep within you, the way you see and understand the world, the skills and the passions you have.

These last two – skills and passion – are really important.  Skills, or, competencies, aren’t enough on their own – we can be a competent puppet.  Having passion isn’t much good on its own either – it creates dust storms and when the dust settles, everything’s the same.  But when skills and passion get together, sameness better watch out.

Produce your art, put an end to sameness.  I’m excited to see what you do.

(Otto Scharmer mentions three voices we have to overcome: the voice of cynicism questions anything outside its small world- you’ve already overcome it; the voice of judgement questions whether you have anything to offer – you know your talents and passions; the voice of fear tries to stop you doing what you must do – now’s the time to jump.)

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