developing doubt and uncertainty

When all the doubts and questions are an adventure

It’s better to avoid having doubts and questions about your art,* right?

Wrong.  If you’re already producing and contributing your art,  doubts and questions become points of development and growth.**

I found myself coming away from an inspiring and challenging event last night, with many doubts and questions about my art, my work.  I won’t be ducking these, or passing over them quickly.  I find myself to be drawn deeper into innovation and will remain open to these doubts and questions as long as I can and as long as I need to.

This workout for the mind and heart makes it better for our art to get better, and, as with any exercise, there’s pain.

Stay with it.  We need your art to make a dent in the universe for good.

(*Art here is the creative contribution you must produce out of your life, out of your passions and skills.)

(**I’m not thinking of those who can’t get started or who find themselves unproductive – my answer would be different to you.)

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