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The movie Pay it Forward focuses on a schoolboy’s idea (Trevor, played by Haley Joel Osment) for a class project to make the world better: he comes up with doing something for someone which they have to pay forward to three people.

I love the idea in this film, and have just looked through my DVDs for our copy, but we’ve lent it out – go figure!

The whole thing about generosity fascinates.  What if, the more we give away, the more we have?  There’s something about giving to others which releases more within us we didn’t realise was there, which connects with the second thing.

What if we become more who we are the more we give another the possibility of finding out who they are?  In helping another person to know what they want to do and to do what they want to do, we’re defining ourselves.

Just gift it.

You want nothing in return because you’ve already received way more than the person can imagine just by their being willing to receive your gift.

And, if they insist, just ask them to gift who they are on to the next person.

Have a great 2014 figuring out how to do this more.

Creativity, Enjoyment, Generosity.

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