scary dreams

if your dreams aren't scary ...

Last night I struggled to get to sleep, instead playing over in my mind obstacles and problems to something I’m working on.

(When Old Lizard Brain* gets to work we more readily imagine failure than we do success.)

It’s simply the reality of working on something bigger than me.  If you’re experiencing this, it’s more than likely telling you you’re on the right track, something having a purpose beyond you.

Your first reaction can be to go back to the same old same old – the thing which doesn’t keep you awake in the night or stretches you painfully during the day.

The problem is, you’ve seen the future, and to give up on this now is to give up on what it means to be you.  By imagining this better future, you’ve already been changed, the better world you’ve imagined makes you feel more alive.

Better to embrace the fear.

Find some way of expressing it – someone you can speak your fears out to, or some way of journalling it – perceptions change dramatically when we can do this.  And dream about the difference you’re going to make.

Daily, find ways of reconnecting to the best you – the really energised you; be grateful for who and what you have in your life; and, turn up, doing the small things which are step-by-step crucial to delivering what you’re working on.

You are the person to do this, you have all you need, and, you can do way more than you’ve so far imagined because you’ve already come further than you thought possible.

Old Lizard Brain is the oldest part of our brain, reacting most quickly to perceived threats – the fight or flight part of the brain.)

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