spacewalk checklist

Ready to step out into the new?  True, it can be daunting.

To borrow some terms from Nassim Taleb, stepping into new possibilities can be more than a fragile experience (when we’re negatively affected by randomness and stressors), it can even be more than robust experience (when we’re able to recover from randomness and stressors), it can be an antifragile experience (antifragilistas thrive on randomness and stressors – up to a point).*

Stepping out can feel something like a space-walk into greater randomness and stress (or what I imagine a spacewalk to be like – never having been in space away from Spaceship Earth) but there are a number of anchors which secure you and allow you to thrive in these new opportunities so you are able to produce something others aren’t able to.

There is the purpose greater than yourself which calls to you (it can be to serve people in a far away place, create a beautiful artefact, bake amazing cakes to give away to people on the streets … ).  There is the anchor of your amazing skills and being able to hone and innovate these.  There is the anchor of people who get what you’re doing, and you get what they’re doing (this is an ever-growing tribe of people who are becoming easier to find – check out Meetup or VOX  to name but two).  A fourth anchor is one I’m developing for you at the moment – I know others are t0: spaces for opening minds and hearts and wills towards shipping the stuff you love.

If you have these things in place – which you do (you’re reading this so you’re connecting), then the spacewalk is going to be an experience of focusing on what it is you MUST do.

(*I wholeheartedly recommend Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile in which he lays out the significance of his triad of  fragile/robust/antifragile.)


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