it is enough

Has the stuff you love to do and ship just become harder?

everything you need

When deadlines and expectations kick in you can get stuck and find your the joy draining away … and then the voices begin.  How stupid was I to think I could do this?  I should have kept below the radar.  Everyone else can do this better than me.  I’ll never have another idea.  

Don’t stay paralysed.  Now is the time to remind yourself of a few things.

You know who you are and what you love to do – this is way more than a lot of people have.  It’s what’s brought you to this amazing place.

You have everything you need right now to produce even more amazing stuff.  In fact, you have more than you need and you have to find ways of giving this away because it’s going to keep on coming.

Because you’ve turned up, you’ve given yourself a head start on doing even more – not to mention learnt a whole load of stuff along the way which could change the world – at least someone’s world.

What you have right now is enough.

Trust me.  Better still, trust yourself.

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