the thing you do

and in the universe's lottery

No  one is headhunting you today for that thing you do .  At least, it’s unlikely.

But you can headhunt yourself.

It’s unlikely anyone is looking for you because they’re focusing on being headhunted themselves, and they’re missing the point that the universe is set up for abundance rather than scarcity.  This changes everything.

Whether you have a religious worldview of being created for something, or you prefer to hold a worldview that life can be significant simply because we’re here, what are you going to do?

I’m suggesting the universe is set up in a way which makes it possible for everyone to thrive – the problem is, there’s always someone who gets in the way of this (think dictators, revolutionaries, thieves, egocentrics, apathetics, pessimists, bureaucrats, politicians – unfortunately the list has many more to be added before being exhaustive).  There is something about being lost in work* which is chosen by us and meaningful to us, to develop mastery in skills,and to have purpose.

What totally absorbs you?  There are clues in this.

All of this may sounds self-absorbing, but when you think about it, it’s the path towards making the world better for everyone.  You can check out whether you’re on track if you experience success in the thing you love to do, whether you do it instinctively, if you grow through doing this thing, and if you need to do it.

I’m not saying the universe is perfect; we’d never do anything if we waited for things to be the way we think they ought to be.  Which brings us back to where we began.  Don’t wait for someone to find you and ask you to do the amazing stuff you do.   The universe has already found you and is waiting for the thing you do.  Now help someone else to do the things they do.

Have fun.

*Think about work in it’s biggest sense – the art you are able to produce through your imagination and skills for the sake of others.

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