between breaths …

between breathing in and breathing out ...

26,000 times a day, moving 14,000 litres of air we breathe.

The odds are, we won’t breathe very deeply.  We breathe in shallow fashion – 16+ breaths each minute when 6 deep breaths are enough.

Most of the time we breathe without noticing, we breathe in shallow fashion without noticing..

Try it.  Slow your breathing down, both breathing in and breathing out, from your stomach rather than your chest.

And in-between, did you notice the pause – the moment neither breathing in nor out?

If we were more aware of our breathing, we’d realise we’re breathing fast and shallow at times of anxiousness or distraction, when we’re overwhelmed or feeling pushed to move way too quickly.  We’re often too busy and tired to breathe deeeeeeeeply, to notice more, to understand more, to see the other person more, to begin to see all that is from within this bigger world rather than from our little world.

We breathe in soooooooo deeeeeeeeeply when we are curious about the world around us, when we stop thinking what we see is all there is, when we see the invisible connections with the people who fill our days.  We breathe deeeeeeeeply, when we allow what we see and understand more to change who we are – pulling us out of our small world into a bigger world.

And when we have breathed as deeeeeeeply as we can, before we breathe out, a pause, a thin|silence in which we know and hold  what our lives are to be about, the shape and colour and smell of our unique art we must breathe out, to know this as we have never known it before and to realise this is standing on holy ground, where your life speaks to you about your future.  To know there isn’t a work life and a leisure life, a sports life and a relational life, there is only life, and you you know how you must live it.

And tomorrow you breathe deeply again.

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