Saving the world

Life on its own, without art shaping it, leaves you in confusion and chaos, but well-told stories have the power to harmonise what you now with what you feel. Story is a vehicle that carries us on our search for reality, our best effort to make sense out of the anarchy of existence.*
Robert McKee

It is a call. It is a call to meaning, and a call to love. It requires of us that we reach beyond our own dejection and attend to the condition of the world. … I want to facilitate, in some small way, a mutual journey toward meaning; to decrease the dimensions of our emptiness and draw us closer to love and to beauty.**
Nick Cave

Nick Cave’s advice for those experiencing
an emptiness and hollowness is to
go out and save the world, which
he confesses may sound grandiose, but is about
a myriad of small kind actions.
In the end,
We may not save the world, but
we may save ourselves,
That is, to awaken to how our lives are
far from empty and hollow:
Interest is an all-pervading attitude
and form of relatedness to the world,
and one might define it in a very broad sense
as the interest of the living person
in all that is alive and grows.
Even when this sphere of interest is genuine,
there will be no difficulty in arousing
his interest in other fields,
simply because he is
an interested person.^

*Robert McKee‘s newsletter: The Power of Story;
**Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files blog: #200;
^Erich Fromm’s The Revolution of Hope.

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