Living from deep within

Their purpose is to help you, to care about your art, and to reattach you to wildest instincts, and to illicit your original best. They guide the restoration of the intuitive life.*
Clarissa Pinkola Estés

It is, in essence, the arc of acquiring greater psychological flexibility: facing difficult emotions and thoughts with greater openness; letting go of limiting self-stories; finding resources within that allow us to see ourselves and our situations in a new way; connecting with a deeper and more authentic sense of self; connecting with a chosen purpose and discovering the actions that help us to fulfil it; and finally committing to those actions with perseverance.**
Steven Hayes

Wholehearted living, or
living from deep within, is under
constant threat in a faster
ever-changing world –
“I don’t have the luxury to think about such things.”
Whilst writing about “wild mothers,”
Clarissa Pinkola Estés provides us with a description of all
who help us to rediscover our “deeps” and to rewrite our stories.
Identifying our talents provides us with the tools to write, revise and arrange new sentences, and
to kill old sentences.
Shaping enriching environments provide the spaces for our stories to unfold and flourish.
Naming our values lays down a direction to move in,
a path with a heart.

*Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Women Who Run With the Wolves;
**Steven Hayes’ A Liberated Mind.

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