Two myths*

For somehow all our lives are ultimately unsuccessful, to the extent that we understand success as only being external success: no external success, no effect, that is to say, no biological or sociological influence out there in the world, is guaranteed to outlive us or even to last forever. However inner success, the inner fulfilment of life’s meaning, is something that, its at all, has been achieved, ‘once and for always.’**
Viktor Frankl

we humans can influence our evolution by the environments we construct and the choice we make; our evolution is not just a matter of choice^
Steven Hayes

The world is a smorgasbord of possibilities,
Not all within our reach,
But perhaps what we really want isn’t to be found there;
We must look within to find what we really want and
trust our instinct.
It is our inner smorgasbord of talents, values and energies that
matters most of all – the first myth;
Identifying and developing these will be our greatest satisfaction and
fulfilment, leading us into our life with others – the second myth,
Of which we’ll know that we’re on
the right track if, as the apostle Paul writes, we are able to
Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep.^^

*Myth, not as untrue but as guiding story;
**Viktor Frankl’s Yes to Life;
^Steven Hayes’ A Liberated Mind;
^^Romans 12:17.

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