It’s a beautiful day*

Because it’s not for you. It’s for them. Generosity unlocks doors inside of us.**
Seth Godin

We change the story when we are prepared to notice.

The odds against us being here are
astronomical –
We only know this because
we are here.
Life is hard,
We know only too well,
But we are here,
We are not as special or important as some,
But we are here and get to
brig our unique beauty into the world.
Our life is not about us,
Abundance is community,
Freedom is inservice,
Enjoyment is in generosity.
We are not able to control many things,
Yet we are able to control our response to
And one day we will die,
But until the
we are alive
within countless possibilities, and
it’s a beautiful day.

*Accompanying soundtrack from Neil Diamond;
**Seth Godin’s blog: The lifeguard hack.

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