Soft gazing and hard staring

When we shift our mindset and open ourselves to the awe of daily life, we may find that opportunities to be wowed are all around us.*
Jonah Paquette

Awe is the feeling we have when we encounter the monumental or immeasurable. We experience a sudden shrinking of the self, yet a rapid expansion of the soul.**
Nick Cave

We can find ourselves
in awe
of the things people do in the
ordinariness of life.
I think Nick Cave is right,
If we can get past the fact that we can’t do what this person can,
And we’re okay about feeling small in that moment,
We can also feel an important part of us growing;
Rather than resentment, we feel awe, and
our soul grows.
This was my experience just yesterday
as I listened to someone share the different things that
energised them but I couldn’t do.
I realised that I wasn’t hard staring at their lives,
With all of it accompanying judgement,
I was soft gazing with openness;
I was then able to help them and
they were able to help me.

*The Wise Brain Bulletin: Mind Bending Awe;
**The Red Hand Files: #157.

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