Your life is not about you*

Human beings at their best are givers of gifts.**
David Brooks

noblesse oblige; the very status of a lord has been traditionally derived from protecting others, trading personal risk for prominence^
Nassim Taleb

There is a connection
as powerful as life itself
between exploring the inner life
and sharing what we find with

It’s the same inward journey we’ve seen before: the plunge inward and then the expansion outward.**

We’ll know when we have found the most meaningful thing to us –
We will want to make it available to others
in some way shape or form:
To enrich their lives in some way.

When asked the question
What does it mean to me to be human?
I felt it was to live with
Enjoyment –
The last part being dependent on the first two;
I’d love to hear your reply.

*Elemental Truth #3: see Richard Rohr’s Adam’s Return;
**David Brooks’ The Second Mountain;
^Nassim Taleb’s Skin In the Game.

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