the very traits that steer us toward certain life situations are the very same traits that those situations encourage, reinforce, and amplify*
Angela Duckworth

God … will himself restore, support, strengthen, and establish you.**
The Apostle Peter

Although Angela Duckworth doesn’t use the term,
She is describing what I refer to as an enriching environment.
My enriching environments will be different to yours
and yours to mine,
But we will know them because of how they
encourage, reinforce and amplify
the best in us,
Whilst also making it possible to
encourage, reinforce and amplify the environments,
Especially for the sake of others:

Don’t chase success. Instead, chase new and interesting ways of solving other people’s problems.^

Duckworth’s insight is anticipated in the words of the apostle Peter,
Which I came across this morning.
You don’t have to believe in a god to see
the value of having places in which you can be
restored and supported and strengthened,
Leading to the kind of establishment that is not about
But is about health and growth.

*Angela Duckworth’s Grit;
**1 Peter 5:10-11;
^gapingvoid’s blog: Take something ordinary and elevate it.

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