Respect yourself*

“I’m not that smart.” Someone said that to me the other day and it was heartbreaking.**
Seth Godin

While finite games are externally defined, infinite games are internally defined.^
James Carse

Please respect others,
Deeply respect the world,
But don’t forget to respect yourself.

Here’s why a lack of self-respect is heartbreaking for Seth Godin:

The correct thing to say is, “I don’t care that much.” I don’t care enough to do the reading, to fail along the way, to show up, to make a promise, to learn as I go, to confront failure, to get better at the work. All of that might be true. But you’re almost certainly smart enough.*

Self-respect doesn’t mean easy;
It does mean putting ourselves on the hook.

*Soundtrack: Staple SIngers’ Respect Yourself;
**Seth Godin’t Blog: “I’m not that smart”;
**James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.

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