Made to grow

True character can only be expressed through choice in dilemma. … A character is the choices they make over the course of their lifetime.*
Robert McKee

Remember that interests must be triggered again and again and again. … throughout adulthood, we maintain the ability to grow myelin … .**
Angela Duckworth

Aided by Angela Duckworth,
I’ve been reflecting both on the link between a growth mindset
and optimism,
And a fixed mindset
and pessimism.
I suggested some ways to move from being fixed
to growth.
Duckworth suggests a few more things to add:
Remember that we are able to produce myelin
throughout adulthood –
The wonderful insulator we lay down around
neurons and synaptic connections when we repeat
ways of thinking and acting,
Our abilities being faster electrical signals;
Do positive self-talk,
Which I would translate as: we need to create our own story
and explore it in some way or other
every day –
Using journaling wherever possible; and,
Find the kind of people that will
help us keep going,
Who will not allow us to give in.
It all means that we have a lot more choices
through which to express our lives.

Robert McKee‘s newsletter: Who Is Your Character, Really?;
**Angela Duckworth’s Grit.

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