Children know something most people have forgotten. Children possess fascination with their everyday existence that is very special and would be very helpful to adults if they could lear to understand and respect it.*
Keith Haring

But we are also a species continually blinkered — sometimes touchingly, sometimes tragically — by our own delusions about the totality around us. Our greatest limitation is not that of imagination but that of perspective – our lens is too easily contracted by the fleeting urgencies of the present, too easily blurred by the hopes and fears of our human lives.**
Maria Popova

It’s the hardest thing in the world:
Not to become blinkered,
To remain open for as long as possible
to as much and as many as possible,
The reward being the opening of more of the possibility
each life contains.

*Keith Haring Journals;
**The Marginalian: Achieving Perspective: Trailblazing Astronomer Maria Mitchell and the Poetry of the Cosmic Perspective (David Byrne Reads Pattiann Rogers).

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