The gloriously possible

The awakening of individuality is a continual unfolding of our presence.
John O’Donohue

It’s a cause of relief. You get to give up on something that was always impossible – the quest to become the optimised, infinitely capable, emotionally invincible, full independent person you’re officially supposed to be. Then you get to roll up your sleeves and start work on what’s gloriously possible instead.**
Oliver Burkeman

I write these posts because I believe you have so much to bring,
And I want to encourage you to bring it.

I also write the posts to encourage myself,
I know that if I don’t give my ideas some tangible form
I am not being present but absent,
And when I notice this I get cranky.
See O’Donohue and Godin,
They know, they understand:

It often takes a lot of struggle and committed attention and generosity, even sacrifice, to create beauty.*

Mortals must do what they are here to create or they will become cranky.^

*John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty;
**Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks;
^Seth Godin’s Tales of the Revolution.

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