What it is

It’s about understanding not only the works, but the world we live in and the times we live in and being a kind of mirror of that. I think it happens really naturally and inevitably if your are honest with yourself and your times.*
Keith Haring

What year is in your imagination?**
Lynda Barry

More people willing to be as open as possible
for as long as possible
towards as many things and as many people as possible.

It’s so hard,
Taking up so much energy –
Literally burning calories of energy –
And even if we could do it perfectly –
And we can’t –
Our life isn’t long enough to be open to everything.

But, when we try, something is happening inside of us
and we are changing.
See John O’Donohue:

As always in the world of the mind, recognition is a huge transformative force.^

Here is the pressure of reality needing to be met with the power of imagination,
Something I often find myself contemplating.

Imagination need reality,
Reality needs imagination.

Being open to reality,
To what it is,
Our imaginations –

Does your imagination know what year it is?**

The more open we are, the more we have to work with:
More people and more ideas and more places and more things.

As Alan Jacob worries:

the future we imagine is just that: not an alien anything but what we imagine, what we can imagine. And often it’s what we can’t imagine that we’re most in need of.^^

Perhaps we’ll never be able to imagine what we really want to
if we remain where we are,
In our smaller worlds,
When we live in such a

*Keith Haring’s Keith Haring Journals;
**Lynda Barry’s What It Is;
^John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty;
^^Alan Jacobs’ Breaking Bread With the Dead.

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