Imagine that

A child lives in a world of stories and metaphors long before he or she learns literality. So the language of our heart and the language of our soul is metaphorical not literal.*
Robert Dilts

Rather than facing our fears, and rather than facing the truth, we avoid them.
Rather than creating the life we want, we build the life that allows our problems to exist unresolved.
Rather than becoming the person we want to become, we stay the person we are.
Rather than adapting our personality to match our goals, we adapt our goals to match our current and limited personality.**

Ben Hardy

We misunderstand imagination if we believe it helps us turn from reality.
Reality is only waiting for imagination to come and play
some new reality into being.

*From Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts’ The Hero’s Journey;
**From Ben Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent

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