And the beat goes on

We have a choice whether wish to continue evolution on this planet or not. I vote “yes.”*
Keith Haring

People evolve before organisations do.**

We’re all adding our little bit of evolving to the human species.

This ongoing exploration of what we might be as Human unfolds through our desire to self-improve – something that has been happening for millennia, as Anna Katharina Schaffner identifies through her very insightful book The Art of Self-Improvement: Ten Timeless Truths.

There are some who believe our evolution will only come through technology, but I am more intrigued by our naked, or un-enhanced, humanness: in how we relate to each other, yes, but also how we embrace our world and all of its fauna and flora, as well as how we relate to ourselves – an area in which it seems we’re having a lot of problems of late.

As Keith Haring noted, this choice to encourage evolution is critically ours.

I was taken by John O’Donohue’s five Transcendentals when I first came upon them and am finding myself revisiting them. I offer them here as something you may enjoy reflecting upon – Being, the One, the True, the Good and the Beautiful:

Being is the deepest reality, the substance of our world and all things in it; the opposite would be Nothingness, the things that are not.  The One claims that all things are somehow bound together in an all-embracing unity: despite all the differences in us, around us and between us, everything ultimately holds together as one; chaos does not have the final word.  The True claims that reality is true and our experience is real and our actions endeavour to come into alignment with the truth.  The Good suggests that in practising goodness we participate in the soul of the world. … Beauty brings warmth, elegance and grandeur.  Something in our souls longs deeply for that graciousness and delight.^


*From Keith Haring’s Keith Haring’s Journals;
**A gapingvoid doodle for Zappos;
^From John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty.

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