Oh my, another day for growing

People go out to their work and to their labour until the evening.*

A job is made fun not by turning it into a game, but by deeply and deliberately pursuing it as a job. … We don’t play to distract ourselves from the world, but in order to partake in it.**
Ian Bogost

When the experience is painful, boring, or difficult, we’re tempted to distract ourselves, but, as Seth Godin helpfully identifies,

You can discover overlooked value by measuring things that are difficult to measure.^

All things are playable.

Turning towards the pain may provide personal insight, growth and transformation, turning towards the boring may result into previously unimagined possibilities, turning towards the difficult may lead us into collaborations and breakthroughs.

*Psalm 104:23;
**From Ian Bogost’s Play Anything;
^From Seth Godin’s blog: The easy measurements.

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