The wherewithal

You can’t ever be sure the future will go the way you want. But you can usually (if admittedly not always) be sure that when it fails to go the way you want, you’ll have the wherewithal to cope.*
Oliver Burkeman

If you stick with writing, you will get better and better, and you can start to learn the important lessons: who you really are, and how all of us can live in the face of death, and how important it is to pay much better attention to life, which is why you are here.**
Anne Lamott

I do not hold with the doctrine of original sin, but something strange does happen to us because of consciousness and trauma.

Life can become messy, ugly even, and smaller.

Yet, it can also be transcendent and our wherewithal can make all the difference, à la Frederick Buechner’s assertion that we find our purpose where our deepest gladness meets the world’s greatest need.

Our wherewithal forms our seeing:

Both the gaze that sees and the object that is seen construct themselves in the one act of vision. So much depends on how we see things.^

Today’s convergence of texts caused me to think of what ca happen in dreamwhispering: how people can find their wherewithal. That is, their values, talents and energies with which help them to see a larger llife.

*Oliver Burkeman, quoted in Sam Radford’s blog: The wherewithal to cope;
**From Anne Lamott’s Almost Everything;
^From John O’Donohue’s Divine Beauty.

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