Living peacably

Peace of mind is an inside job, unrelated to fame, fortune, or whether you partner loves you.*
Anne Lamott

Creativity isn’t learning the right answers but asking the strongest questions.**
Robert McKee

It’s tempting to think of peace as the absence of conflict and turmoil, but I’m more interested in the kind of peace that keeps me in the journey:

We are hardwired with curiosity inside us, because life knew that this would keep us going even in bad sailing.*

There’s a peace that makes it possible for me to speak to new people, to change my mind, to try new things. It isn’t a peace we wait upon, but we are able to grow , better even than Harry Potter’s liquid luck. It’s about creating a better narrative for the contents of our lives:

If you’ve gone through gathering and aggregating ideas this is the point at which you’ll probably confront the same problem I do every year: there are too many possibilities.^

For me, it begins with my journaling and reading at the beginning of each day. How do you grow your peace for possibility?

*From Anne Lamott’s Almost Everything;
**From Robert McKee‘s newsletter: What to Do When You Doubt Your Dialogue;
^From Rohit Bhargava’s Non Obvious 2019

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