The way I chose to put the messages of my life together into a picture is related to all I have ever seen through the eyes of other picture makers and through a constant kind of looking I do myself. What is my own is the constancy of observation of forms and feelings as they combine into the final object to which I sign my name and for which I assume responsibility.
Corita Kent

Genuine self-knowledge has to be the starting point for any attempt to improve ourselves.
Anna Katharina Schaffner.

I have been helped by many people to find and know myself, and I have borrowed from many to put my work, my art, together.

But I know this is what I must do and I sign my name to it.

What I’d love to hear about, though, is what you have brought together from many sources and is the things you must do.

Corita Kent from Corita Kent and Jan Steward’s Learning By Heart;
From Anna Katharina Schaffner’s The Art of Self-Improvement.

6 thoughts on “Signed

  1. I’m not sure you were looking for a response, but I’m feeling chatty these days.

    First blush, your drawing symbolically depicts ‘what I have brought together from many sources’… (smile)

    Shoulds and musts have taken a back seat at this rodeo. I’m being ‘moved along’ — no longer following any ‘way’ or any ‘one’… not grasping at conventional, worldly pursuits.

    And, this pesky “I” that still follows me everywhere I go is getting bored with the gig. (Thank god)

    If all of that seems abstract or unrealistic it’s because my sense of what is ‘real’ is somewhat abstract! If a label (ugh) is needed let’s call it “transcendentalism” — a good catchall that will confuse some and ease the minds of others who may be thinking “spiritualist’, or even worse, “religionist”.

    Helpers, yes. Too numerous to mention and not all of them human. The natural world tends to serve up the best advice — untainted by egos.

  2. Donna, I have finally got to this message from a different time, it feels. I wonder how your moving along is going after some ten months?

  3. I appreciate your kind, consideration.

    Each day is new upon arrival… that remark may have best been left in the dumper! lol

  4. Thanks for reaching out. I’d dropped the thread thinking, perhaps, I was becoming a gnat! lol. Found you on FB. Will send a request. Cheers!

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