It isn’t perfect (and it never will be)

It turns out that acute angles, rough edges and the imperfect matches of diversity actually make things work better. Especially when we’re dealing with humans.*
Seth Godin

Against the claim of perfection we can assert our own individuality, which gives distinctive character to the work we do.**
Richard Sennett

Those who seek perfection know how difficult it is to let go of what they are working on.

The important thing is to shift attention from the outside to the inside, to pay attention to the endless possibility of improvement that is open to us as infinite persons. Getting stuck in a piece of external work can put the brakes on this: a lose-lose.

R. described how her life felt cobbled together, using the term in a negative way. I liked the phrase and suggested that she explore it in a positive way. R. noticed all there was to improve on her inside and it worked: she has been on some astonishing adventures since.

Keep going on the inside to keep going on the outside.

*From Seth Godin’s blog: Cobbled together;
**From Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman

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