The thing about a holy discontent

But the task of all tasks is to transform what is insignficant into greatness, what is inconspicuous into radiance; to present a speck of dust in a way that shows it to be a part of the whole so that one cannot see it without also instantly seeing all of the stars and the heavens’ deep coherence to which it ultimately belongs.*
Rainer Maria Rilke

Very few people have the leverage to change the world. But all of us have the chance to change the people around us, and those actions change what gets built, funded and launched.**
Seth Godin

They apologised to me for their rant.

I could only see the beauty of their concern, their desire for something better.

It felt to me like a holy discontent: something wrong we notice that defines us so that we have to do something to make it better.

We may think that finding purpose in life should a far more pleasurable experience, making us feel content, joyful, calm, inspired, rather than poked with a sharp stick.

We continue by questioning what one person can do and of course the answer is, everything:

all any man can do is to add his fragment to the whole^.

*From Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters on Life;
**From Seth Godin’s blog: Contagious commerce;
^Robert Henri, quoted in Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Drawing on Walls: An Illustrated Homage to Keith Haring, His Irrepressible Art of Hope, and His Beautiful Bond with Children

3 thoughts on “The thing about a holy discontent

  1. Perhaps not what you intended, but your drawing brought a J. Krishnamurti quote, to mind:

    “Meditation is to be aware of your daily disorder, which is also part of your consciousness, and to find out whether order can be brought about.”

    People tend to interpret the word ‘meditation’ as an action involving a yoga mat. It may, of course, but allowing art to move through us is a meditation, I prefer.

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  3. Thank you for this, Donna. Meditation is a word we need to be more familiar with in the everyday.

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