If not yesterday then tomorrow, beginning today

Our possibilities are perhaps not limitless, but they are at least infinitely above our present possibilities of imagination.*
Frank Laubach

My hope for you is that you will first identify your fears, and then welcome them in for consideration. Then, radically accept all of them, knowing that acceptance isn’t condoning or embracing bit simply acknowledging the existence of your fears.**
Beth Pickens

We may carry many fears, disappointments and regrets.

There are many things I wish I had known and had done when I was a young husband, parent, minister … .

Opportunities now gone.

Time running away.

Though the past has gone the future is here, today.

Things that haunt becoming the fuel of hope and determination.

You and I, we can change, we care more than yesterday.

Begin. With the humility of someone who’s not sure, and the excitement of someone who knows that it’s possible.^

*From Frank Laubach’s Letters By a Modern Mystic;
**From Beth Pickens’ Make Your Art No Matter What;
^From Seth Godin’s blog: Beginning is underrated.

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