Let me help you with that/can you help me with this?

Ambition, competition, and greatness can, and in fact must, exist in the same universe as humility, selflessness, and servanthood.*
(Erwin McManus)

After each episode of flow a person becomes more of a unique individual, less predictable, possessed of rarer skills.
(Mihály Csikszentmihalyi)

Some are tempted, when they see the toxic nature of competition, to replace it outright with cooperation.

Cooperation is good, our goal, but misses the edge competition brings for everyone, those we work with and those we seek to deliver to.

Yet those who only pursue ambition, competition and greatness lose out on how much farther we can travel when we pursue humility and selflessness and servanthood, too.

By these means, in uncovering our individuality, we find our cooperation.

*From Erwin McManus’ The Way of the Warrior;
**From Mihály Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow.

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