Keeping moving for dummies

Society wants us to I’ve a planned existence, following paths that have been travelled by others. Tried and true. The known, the expected, the controlled, the safe. The path of the wanderer is not this. The path of the wanderer is an experiment with the unknown. To idle. To daydream.*
(Keri Smith)

I bring the concept of Shabbat to all the artists I work with. … On this day, I instruct them, they can tend to their bodies, relationships, homes rest, leisure, and all else that becomes neglected through the week of living in late capitalism.**
(Beth Pickens)

For more than thirty years every weekend was taken up with work.

I always struggled to make up the time with family and self.

I am learning.

*From Keri Smith’s The Wander Society;
**From Beth Pickens’ Make Your Art No Matter What.

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